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General Buckle Information

All of our buckles are made with the highest quality rhinestones and are in metal settings. We carry not only standard shapes and sizes but also unique creations exclusive to our line.

There are a couple of measurements usually referenced when buckle dimensions are provided:

·         Millimeters or bar size.  There is a direct correlation between the bar size and the minimum ribbon size required to cover the bar.  For instance, a 15mm buckle has a bar that measures 15mm or 5/8 inch.  Therefore, you must use at least a 5/8 inch ribbon to cover the bar.   A wider ribbon will gather.  The larger the ribbon, the more it will gather.

·         Inches indicate the outer measurement of the buckle.    This is valuable so you can be sure the buckle is proportional to your invitation. 

Which buckle do should I purchase for my invitation?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your buckle.  These include:

·        The size of the your invitation

·        Whether you are using an envelope or box

·        Your ribbon size

·        Personal taste

·        Your budget

The very smallest buckle suitable for an invitation is our 10mm or .6 inch square or circle (slightly larger than AA battery).  Most people prefer a buckle that is no bigger than the 1.5 inch or 30mm circle. 

A flatter buckle is best for invitations that are sent in envelope.  These include most of the circles, squares, rectangles, rectangles and the connectors. 

If your invitation’s presentation includes a box, your options are almost limitless!  The only parameters you should consider are your budget and whether the buckle you choose over powers your invitation.

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